FREE COURSE: How To Show And Not Tell In Short Stories

FREE COURSE: How To Show And Not Tell In Short Stories

Sign up for our free writing course and learn how to show and not tell in short stories.

We have put together one of the best short online writing courses in our library and we want to share it with you for free. We have adapted it into an email writing course.

FREE COURSE: How To Show And Not Tell In Short Stories

‘Show, don’t tell,’ is valuable advice for any writer. But even more so for a short story writer.

The limited word count in a short story means our writing has to work much harder. We don’t have 80 000 words to explain and describe, but the reader still needs to understand.

There are a few steps you can take to change your writing from ‘telling’ to ‘showing’, and we’ll be discussing them in the emails.

The ‘How To Show And Not Tell In Short Stories free course will be broken down into nine emails. You will receive one email a day until the course is completed. Each instalment includes theory, examples, and exercises.

What The Course Includes:

  1. The difference between ‘showing’ and ‘telling’. (Email 1)
  2. How to ‘show’. We will discuss the 7 techniques we use to ‘show’. (Emails 2-8)
  3. When to ‘tell’. In the last email, we will discuss when you should ‘tell’. (Email 9)

Sign up for the course here: How To Show And Not Tell In Short Stories: Free Course

Who is Mia Botha?

This course was written by Mia Botha. Mia is a writer who wanted to figure out the novel-writing process for herself and along the way she turned into a writing teacher. She’s been teaching, guiding, and sharing her knowledge for almost ten years. She founded the 12 Short Stories in 12 Months and the 12 Poems in 12 Months challenges. She is also the author of Write the Crap Out of It and Other Short Story Writing Advice.

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This article has 7 comments

  1. barbara

    I’m looking forward to insight for show and not tell. Although I’m writing a novel and not a short story, I suspect this will be helpful!

  2. Neil Wright

    Congratulations on this initiative.
    I am writing a combination of family history and memoirs. At the outset, in the preamble to the book. I had these words learnt from courses with Writerswrite;
    “Don’t tell me, Show me”
    Your course is a must for me… is easy to slip into the “tell me”mode.


  3. Neil Wright

    In writing my family history and part memoirs, it is easy to slip into a “telling” mode, I am looking forward to the course.

  4. Wendy

    Looking forward to getting started.

  5. Heather MacDonald

    Thank you!

  6. Paul J P Slater

    Looking forward to your wonderful course

  7. Stacey

    Interested in this, in part because I am a person who loves to be told a story. I never knew that was an awful thing.

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