5 Short Cuts For Creating An Inciting Moment

5 Short Cuts For Creating An Inciting Moment

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5 Shortcuts For Creating An Inciting Moment

  1. Introduce a character / Reintroduce an old character. An old school friend shows up in town. An amnesiac is found in the church graveyard. A stranger on a train strikes up a conversation.
  2. Have someone die. The funeral brings together feuding family members. A best friend goes missing. A sister is confined to a mental home.
  3. Introduce an event. A fire burns down a single mother’s home. A new ordinance evicts people from their home. A religion is banned. Cholera epidemic breaks out.
  4. Issue an invitation / Give a promotion. A secretary accidentally gets invited to a billionaire’s charity ball. A man is given a chance to work overseas.
  5. Deliver a threat. Somebody leaves a mutilated doll outside a supermodel’s apartment. An old woman notices bizarre spiders in her basement.

Do you have any suggestions for creating inciting moments?

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  1. Martin Haworth

    I was told once that if the story gets stuck, ‘A man walks in with a gun” can help out…

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