5 Reasons Companies Don’t Understand Social Media

Socially Speaking 

Are you tired of trying to get your boss’s attention?

I have watched the traditional publishing business model slowly implode. When I mentioned social media as an option to promote an author or drive sales, I was largely ignored.

The same thing has happened to all businesses. The unprepared advertising, media and marketing industries are scrambling, all trying to satisfy clients in desperate need of publicity. The clients don’t know that these agencies are mostly as clueless as they are. 

Why does this happen in traditional companies?

  1. They can’t measure social media – yet.
  2. They are frightened of change.
  3. Most of the people in charge don’t know what social media is.
  4. They think Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the same as social media. They don’t realise that Google negated SEO with Google+.
  5. They have employed advertising companies to handle their social media needs. Most of these ‘gurus’ have had no training and do not understand social media. Social Media is not a vehicle for traditional advertising. It is the new word of mouth.

How can a company fix this?

  1. Approach people who have conquered social media for help. (Look at klout scores.)
  2. Avoid SEO experts when talking about social media.
  3. Educate directors about social media. Educate everyone else about social media.
  4. Run workshops on this new resource.
  5. Appoint someone with charm and the necessary skills to oversee your social media programme.

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