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  1. Zemma Craven

    He left because I made him. I knew what he was from the very beginning and I tried changing the personality that was ingrained within his very DNA. I’d always felt deep down that he’d have to leave one of these days I just thought we’d ha- that I’d have more time to change him. He knew he could hurt me very easily, but I don’t think he knew that he wouldn’t hurt me in the way he thought. He hurt me much worse without even trying. Him refusing to change was the very thing that leaves me glances behind me while I walk down the street to this day, locking all my doors and windows. All I wanted was someone to grow old with and he wanted a partner in crime, but I was willing to do what it took to have him with me until I realized he wouldn’t stop at just stealing money. He wanted more, he was insane. I though I could help. He lied because I made him realize I wouldn’t help him take the life from people. I wasn’t playing God with him. He was angry obviously. He still is angry and I’m afraid of what I might’ve pushed him to do.

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