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  1. del

    On that particular evening, I stayed home. I had seen him everyday for months before that but he discouraged my returning day after day. “Live your life, I’m living mine,” he had said. So, reluctantly, I stayed home. It was 1:15 AM when I received the call from the hospital. “It’s best that you come now,” the nurse had said solemnly. When I reached the hospital two hours later, he was unconscious. His eyes rolled backwards and his body temperature had lowered. I sat beside his bed and touched his cool brow. Then, I clasped his hand in mine and waited. I watched the shallow rise of his chest – up and down, up and down. I silently hoped for some response from him to my being there. A squeeze of the hand, an open eye to look into mine. But, there was nothing. Only the now erratic rise of his chest – up and down. I slipped into the lane of memories. I tried to remember when we first met, our first kiss, the romance of our relationship. I smiled to myself. When I looked again at his chest. It had stopped moving completely. He was gone.

  2. Julia A. Asuncion

    This is so touching — written in such a way that invokes tender memories of someone in a similar situation.

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