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  1. Robert Dutton

    All people wake at different rates, and our minds are set to tiny routines. Rituals begin when we accept a natural and subtle order takes shape. No names are given for the motions, but over time, they become noticeable to others. My wife and I are watching each day pass, our lives remain the same, but we know age is changing that for us. Soon, all we’ll have left is a quiet embrace and one more day to make our trek worth while. Love from our hearts will be forever… and we say; thank you.

  2. Uma Udaykumar

    Guru Pooja

    Breath loud and clear,
    In a treble now,
    A sharp strike
    The match in a tremble
    A graceful dance of the flame
    The chant shiver from deep down
    In a silent crescendo
    You are here
    At your feet
    The ritual begins

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