Daily Writing Prompt

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  1. Jay Menon

    A stone laden path split the snowy field into irregular halves of silver. A leafless tree stood amidst a clump of bushes to his left, as he trudged along the path. He was lost in thought, about his destination, and the time it would take to reach there. A train of thought that was broken by a sudden movement among the bushes. As he turned to investigate, he caught sight of a figure fleeing behind the tree. He stood rooted to the spot and watched. After a few nervous minutes, a snow-white hand grasped the tree trunk. A frail, bug-eyed face followed the hand, and stared innocently at him. He couldn’t help but break out into a smile as the feeble figure of a pale white girl stepped out from behind the tree and tried to run away, clumsily so as she was unable to keep her balance in the thick snow. But she kept moving. She was haughty enough to not let the snow win. As his eyes followed the retreating figure, he felt an inner warmth, something in sharp contrast to the punishingly cold mission he was on. Something that made him break into sweat, on the coldest day of February.

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