Daily Writing Prompt

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  1. Brian Schild

    …City chickens and their little chicks scramble out of the way with an annoyed “cluck cluck”. Countless stalls of exotic fruit topple over their cornucopia of colors, old coins and bills being sold on wooden crates scatter on the street, the paper notes unfortunately get caught up in the man made gust of wind. The dried fish stand, with its smoked fish neatly displayed according to its size, remains surprisingly intact when hurdled, a close call. Unfortunately, every one of the rows upon rows upon rows of colorful plastic buckets in all shapes and in all sizes, inconceivibly vertically stacked 10 feet high, topple over like dominos with the slightest brush. I pirouette to apologize in Malagasy to the frustrated shopkeeper. “Azafady!” The result is mess and mayhem….

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