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Ideas For Creating Characters – Soul Types

If you’re looking for character types for your stories, you may find these ‘soul types’ to be a useful resource.

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Soul Types: The Seven Roles in Essence

The names reflect the natural purpose and proclivities of each soul type:

  1. Servers are naturally accommodating, caring, nurturing, hospitable, altruistic.
  2. Artisans are naturally creative, inventive, imaginative, sensitive, dexterous.
  3. Warriors are naturally forceful, loyal, protective, determined, steadfast.
  4. Scholars are naturally curious, studious, academic, analytical, neutral.
  5. Sages are naturally engaging, articulate, charming, entertaining, expressive.
  6. Priests are naturally inspirational, uplifting, motivating, energising, visionary.
  7. Kings are naturally commanding, assured, powerful, authoritative, decisive.

Which Face Shape Fits Your Soul Type?

The Proportions of Soul Types in the Population

  • Servers = 25%
  • Artisans = 21%
  • Warriors = 18%
  • Scholars = 14%
  • Sages = 11%
  • Priests = 7%
  • Kings = 4%

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