Can Traditional Publishers Survive The Internet?

If publishers want to survive they are going to have to become branding agencies. The Internet has taken out the middle man – them.

They can take a lesson from the music industry. It’s not rocket science. Recording artists took out the record companies by creating their own market on You Tube. The record companies then pursued these success stories. They have survived by ‘branding’ the artists and managing them.

The same thing is happening in publishing.

Writers who understand the power of social media can create their own markets. They can reach fans with a fascinating Facebook page, a great blog, a brilliant Goodreads profile and a calculated Google+ presence. To top it off they can sell their books off their own websites.

We’ve only just begun

More books are being read than ever before – thanks to e-publishing. People buy products from people they like. Traditional publishers are not known for their approachability. They will have to put on a friendly face. A genuine friendly face. Fake doesn’t work on Social Media. There is no publicist to protect them here.

The charming, likeable writers who are working the Internet will win. They already have more hours of genuine social media experience than many of the publishers I’ve encountered.

Socially speaking

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Original Article: 2 May 2012

Updated: 3 September 2014