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Book Review – Assassin 

Assassin (Bodyguard #5) by Chris Bradford (Penguin) ISBN 978-0-141-35950-2

With so many teenage James Bond wannabes out there I was a bit sceptical about Assassin. Less than six hours later as I turned the last page I found myself hoping it wouldn’t end just yet.

Assassin follows a group of teenage bodyguards for hire. Self-proclaimed rivals, Connor and Jason, are put to the worst imaginable test. They find themselves in mother Russia, dodging bullets everywhere. With questionable orders from the colonel, missing intelligence and an existing rivalry, the mission is doomed from the start. The whole setup screams danger but Connor needs the money and Jason is up for the challenge. They soon learn to put their differences aside in order to survive.

Assassins, corrupt officials, ruthless mafias and arrogant rich kids just add to the action packed book. The ending caught me by surprise and I was left with more questions. This should definitely be turned into a movie. I definitely can’t wait for the next book in the series!

Alicia Sibanda

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