24 Authors Whose Names Sound Like Their Subjects

  1. Jane Arbor wrote The Cypress Garden
  2. Claude Balls wrote Shy Men, Sex, and Castrating Women
  3. William Battie wrote A Treatise on Madness
  4. Cyril Berry wrote Winemaking with Canned and Dried Fruit
  5. Clara Louise Burnham wrote The Inner Flame: A Novel
  6. Geoff Carless wrote Motorcycling for Beginners
  7. J. N. Chance wrote The Abel Coincidence
  8. W. Chappell wrote The Preacher; or, The Art and Method of Preaching
  9. William A. Christian wrote Oppositions of Religious Doc- trines
  10. Edward H. Clinkscale wrote A Musical Offering
  11. Douglas J. Cock wrote Every Other Inch a Methodist
  12. Elizabeth Dyer wrote Textile Fabrics
  13. Harry Belleville Eisberg wrote Fundamentals of Arctic and Cold Weather Medicine and Dentistry
  14. Frank Finn wrote The Boy’s Own Aquarium
  15. Paul J. Gillete wrote Vasectomy: The Male Sterilization
  16. John Goodbody wrote The Illustrated History of Gymnastics
  17. William I. Grossman wrote A Primer of Gross Pathology
  18. Roger Grounds wrote The Perfect Lawn
  19. Norman Knight wrote Chess Pieces
  20. A. Lord wrote The Grace of God
  21. G. A. Martini wrote Metabolic Changes Induced by Alcohol
  22. L. G. Chiozza Money wrote Riches and Poverty
  23. Jack Roy Strange wrote Abnormal Psychology: Understanding Behavior Disorders
  24. Mary Twelveponies wrote There Are No Problem Horses, Only Problem Riders

Source: Flavorwire