35 Items To Add To Every Writer’s Wish List

I’ve put together a wish list for writers. Some of the items are funny and others are serious. I hope you enjoy it – and please add your wishes in the comments section below.

35 Items For A Writer’s Wish List

  1. Time to write
  2. The ability to avoid procrastinating when you have the time to write
  3. Unlimited cups of good coffee (or tea)
  4. Chocolate
  5. Wine (if the chocolate and coffee are not working)
  6. Books
  7. Time to read those books
  8. The ability to accept criticism from professionals
  9. The wisdom to reject biased critiques from family and friends
  10. Books on writing
  11. Bookish gifts
  12. Inspiration from unlikely sources
  13. A space to write
  14. A writing desk (or a standing desk)
  15. Learning the rules of writing
  16. Breaking the rules of writing (now that you know what they are)
  17. Conversations with intelligent people
  18. Interviews with interesting people
  19. An invisibility cloak to avoid people who watch reality television shows
  20. Noise cancelling headphones
  21. Time to visit bookshops
  22. Time to daydream
  23. Perseverance
  24. Curiosity
  25. Courage
  26. Support from loved ones
  27. A creative writing course
  28. A writer’s retreat
  29. Letting go of the fear of rejection
  30. Letting go of the fear of not being good enough
  31. The willpower to stop talking about writing… and write
  32. Finally finishing the story
  33. The ability to write a fabulous synopsis and jaw-dropping query letter
  34. An agent
  35. A publishing deal

I hope you get some of the items on this list (or your list). Happy writing.

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Amanda Patterson by Amanda Patterson

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  1. Florin

    Don’t forget the cats… Writers and cats go together so well!… 😀

  2. Amanda Patterson

    Yes, I agree. Cats should be on the list.

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