4 Ways To Create An Authentic Social Media Presence

4 Ways To Create An Authentic Social Media Presence

A cautionary tale

You take a large swig of lemony water. The waiter hovers as you straighten your cutlery for the umpteenth time. His dating profile, as amazing as it was, didn’t have a picture, so you scan the bustling restaurant again for the pink shirt. A man clears his throat behind you. Paul! You turn to face him. Your smile freezes. He’s short. He’s bald. He has yellow sweat stains under the arms of his crumpled salmon shirt. And what looks like runny egg in his wiry beard.

To date, or not to date

Branding is a lot like the info that goes on an online dating profile. It’s a specific image about who you are that helps differentiate you from others. It’s your identity – the personality you portray to the world out there.

  1. If you’re a company, it’s what attracts your customers to try your product or service.
  2. If you’re an author, it’s what gets potential readers interested in you. It’s what gets you your first date.

I’m outta here

Nothing makes a customer or potential fan say ‘I’m outta here’ faster than when the personality you portray on social media is nothing like who you really are.

4 Ways To Create An Authentic Social Media Presence

These four tips will help you create a social media presence that is authentic, congruent, and resonates with your audience:

  1. Stay true to your personality: if your company were a character in a novel, what kind of person would it be? As a writer, what is your personality? Don’t portray a social media presence that departs from who you are in ‘real life’.
  2. Stay true to your accomplishments: don’t brag about things you want to do. Show what you’ve done. It adds credibility to your brand.
  3. Stay true to your values: your values are the ‘why’ behind what you do what you do. Before you communicate your values on social media, you need to know what they are. You need to be able to describe them in specific, concrete language.
  4. Stay true to your interests: our interests are part of what makes people curious about us. What are your company’s or your interests? If you let this human aspect shine through in your social media presence, it will help your customers or readers relate to you.

Here’s to that next date.

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  1. Michelle Wallace

    Thought-provoking. Thanks for sharing.

  2. 1st Published 2001

    In some instances one may not want their private and social lives to intermingle. When? you may ask? Where you are a fierce political advocate is one reason. Is it wise for a non-journalist writer (fiction, romance, children book, poetry, etc.) really want to chance alienating a reader on the basis of their political opinion rather their writing skill? Some things of “who you are” need to be private.

  3. Donna Radley

    Thank you, Michelle.

    1st Published 2001, I agree with you. There is a line between which personal information is good/appropriate to share publicly, and which isn’t. I think people need to decide for themselves exactly where they draw that line – a boundary of sorts. At the same time, I think the problem is less about where one draws the line (although it is still important), and more about portraying an inauthentic or incongruent image of yourself or your company to the public. A lack of authenticity can easily sabotage the very brand you are trying to build.

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