4 Viewpoint Choices For Writers

A View To A Skill – 4 Viewpoint Choices For Writers

Writers Write is a writing resource. In this post, we look at the 4 viewpoint choices for writers.

For most writers, viewpoint is instinctive. We tend to use the viewpoint we are most comfortable with. Take a look at your favourite books, the ones you tend to reread. Chances are you will write in the same viewpoint they are written in.

Primarily, viewpoint is a matter of distance. The closer you get to the reader the closer you are to engaging the reader’s emotions. Viewpoint can become overwhelming and complicated, but if you keep it simple and if you are consistent, you’ll be fine.

 4 Viewpoint Choices For Writers

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 by Mia Botha

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  1. Tracy

    Thank you for the compact explanation.

  2. Mia Botha

    It is a pleasure, Tracy.

  3. S.Ramalingam

    Writing in first ,second or third person, it all depends upon the subject one handles.If a person narrates his own experience, then the first person is the ideal choice.If you write anything with a volley of instructions to your reader, say in a ‘to do’ article, second person is the best choice.If a story has more than two or three characters, or if an article demands the writings of a third party observer, the third person is the best choice.

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