22 Common Nouns & What You Can Use Instead

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We all know that a large vocabulary can add life to your novel, short story, song, or poem.

This week, we invite you to peruse our list of synonyms, “22 Common Nouns & What You Can Use Instead.”

Most of these are abstract nouns, meaning you can’t see, touch, or hold them. A few could be considered concrete nouns, depending on how you use them.

Once you get used to using synonyms, you’ll find that there’s often a subtle difference among them. For example, a disadvantage isn’t as serious as a conflict, yet they’re both problems.

Any time you’re doing creative writing, keep a thesaurus nearby. If a word doesn’t seem to fit your sentence or situation, look it up and see if you can find a better alternative.

Happy writing!

by Jennifer Frost

Source for image: Grammar Check

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