15 Fabulous Resources For Short Story Writers

To commemorate the day, we’ve included links to our 15 favourite posts on short stories:

  1. The Top 10 Reasons To Write Short Stories
  2. The Secret To Writing A Great Short Story
  3. Five 10-Minute Fixes For Your Short Story
  4. The Top 20 Literary Quotes About Short Stories
  5. 3 Short Story Writers Who Inspire Me
  6. How To Outline A Short Story For Beginners
  7. The Long And The Short of It – The Difference Between A Novel And Short Story
  8. Short Story Day Africa – 21 June
  9. 20 Unforgettable Quotes About Short Stories
  10. 5 Tips For Choosing The Short Story Competition That Works For You
  11. 5 Ways To Kick-Start Your New Short Story
  12. 3 Ways To Get Your Short Story Started
  13. 10 Writing Contests You Should Definitely Enter
  14. Stephen King On Writing Short Stories
  15. A Guide to Short Story Contests in 2017

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Amanda Patterson by Amanda Patterson

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