More Than 100 Blog Headlines That Will Boost Shareability

We all struggle to come up with catchy headlines for our posts, press releases, and articles. We don’t have to though. We can use online tools like:

  1. Impact
  2. Portent
  3. SEOPressor

to generate headlines.

After we’ve done this, we can analyse their effectiveness on CoSchedule’s Headline Analyser

If we want a cheat sheet on hand, CoSchedule recently analysed more than four million blog titles in their database. They focused on the headline structure of the thousand most popular posts that got the most social shares.

These are the formulas that will significantly improve your chances of getting more social shares from your blog post titles.

Blogging Tip: Work your way through this template, creating posts based on these formulas for your next blogging year.

We took the subject of writer’s block and used it to create possible headlines with some of the examples:

  1. What 20 Studies Say About Writer’s Block
  2. 3 Exercises That Are Proven To Beat Writer’s Block
  3. 5 Ways To Be Creative When You Don’t Want To Write
  4. How To Use Writer’s Block To Increase Your Creativity
  5. How To Survive Your First Bout Of Writer’s Block

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 by Amanda Patterson

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