Why Revenge Is Such A Brilliant Plot For Beginner Writers

Why Revenge Is Such A Brilliant Plot For Beginner Writers

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Consider this…

Because the hero’s quest for revenge often goes outside the limits of the law, you have to manipulate the feelings of the reader by letting the hero avenge an injustice. If you want your reader to empathise with a protagonist who seeks revenge, remember these three points:

  1. Your protagonist should be morally justified to seek revenge. He should have tried traditional, lawful channels before he resorts to vigilante tactics.
  2. Show how the antagonist has destroyed the protagonist’s life in emotional and physical ways.
  3. Your protagonist should remember that the punishment must fit the crime. Don’t let him go overboard and become an evil creature whose behaviour is worse than the antagonist’s.

Whether the protagonist succeeds or fails, the reader should feel better that he has at least tried to do something about the situation. This is cathartic for readers who often feel powerless in similar situations.

by Amanda Patterson

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