How To Create A Compelling Book Sales Page

Your book is written, edited, formatted, designed and ready for distribution. Time to put it up on Amazon, right?

Not just yet…

While Amazon is a great platform for selling books, it’s not a great way to market and spread the word about your book. Unfortunately, a lot of authors throw their books on Amazon hoping they will sell. It’s not surprising, then, that one third of authors make less than $500 a year.

If you’re wondering if there must be a better way, there is. The first thing you can do is take the marketing of your book into your own hands. The fastest way to do this is by creating the perfect book sales page for your book.

In other words, instead of sending people directly to Amazon to buy your book, you should send them to a customised book sales page – one that will present your book in the best light possible (not be subject to the unfortunate-for-authors-design of Amazon’s book sales page).

In this free infographic, you’ll see the template that many bestselling authors use to develop a compelling book sales page. It is one that turns readers into buyers and fans.

You can build a book sales page that mimics this template using a basic WordPress website (or equivalent). Alternatively, for those less tech savvy, you can invest in premium software like Leadpages or Optimizepress to create a page that can be customized to your heart’s content (without needing to know CC or HTML).

 by Tom Morkes

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