The Fascinating Writing Habits of 31 Famous Authors

Most of us sit down in front of a desk and write. We may have quirks and rituals involving coffee, writing tools, and writing spaces. However, some famous writers had distinct and strange writing habits.

Mark Twain Writing Habits Mark Twain

Writers Who Lay Down

  1. Calvin
  2. Edith Sitwell (who wrote lying down in an open coffin) 
  3. Marcel Proust
  4. Mark Twain
  5. Robert Louis Stevenson
  6. Truman Capote
  7. Voltaire

Ernest Hemingway Writing Habits Ernest Hemingway

Writers Who Stood

  1. Ernest Hemingway
  2. Lewis Carroll
  3. Philip Roth (Still standing)
  4. Thomas Wolfe
  5. Virginia Woolf
  6. Vladimir Nabokov
  7. Winston Churchill

Writers Who Wrote in The Bath

  1. Agatha Christie
  2. Benjamin Franklin
  3. D.H. Lawrence
  4. Edmond Rostand
  5. Victor Hugo

HL Mencken Writing Habits H.L. Mencken

Writers Who Smoked Cigars

  1. Amy Lowell
  2. George Sand
  3. H L Mencken
  4. Mark Twain
  5. Rudyard Kipling

William Wordsworth Writing Habits William Wordsworth Literary Walk

Writers Who Had to Take Long Walks

  1. Carl Sandburg (20 miles a day)
  2. Charles Dickens (20-30 miles a day)
  3. Henry David Thoreau
  4. Isaac Bashevis Singer
  5. John Clare
  6. Wallace Stevens
  7. William Wordsworth

What are your writing habits?

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