50 Ways To Say ‘Villain’

26. Monster: an extremely wicked person; alternatively, a cruel or deformed person

27. Ne’er-do-well: a worthless person

28. Outlaw: a fugitive from justice

29. Rapscallion: a dishonest or mean-spirited person; also, a mischievous person (often lighthearted, as are most of its close synonyms)

30. Rascal: see rapscallion

31. Reprobate: a depraved person

32. Rogue: a dishonest or reprehensible person; also, a mischievous person, or a vagrant

33. Rough: a violent person

34. Rowdy: see rough

35. Ruffian: see bully

36. Savage: see brute

37. Scalawag: see rapscallion

38. Scamp: see rapscallion

39. Scapegrace: see rapscallion

40. Scofflaw: a person who flouts laws

41. Scoundrel: see rapscallion

42. Serpent: a treacherous person

43. Shark: a devious person

44. Snake: see serpent

45. Thug: a violent person, often in the employ of another

46. Tough: see rough

47. Varlet: see knave

48. Villainness: a female villain

49. Viper: see serpent

50. Wretch: a reprehensible person; alternatively, a miserable person

by Mark Nichol from Daily Writing Tips
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    and in the south, we say ‘vermin’

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